Making controls easy and affordable


unifi™ is an industry leading controls platform that is delivered as a low cost service for all building types. With an array of simple and intuitive web apps, unifi™ delivers value through easy commissioning, everyday usability, and flexibility. By moving controls to the cloud and minimizing upfront costs, you can scale at your own pace. Start with 1 or 1000 devices, no project is too big or too small.

Our Platform

unifi™ was built to consolidate device protocols and manufacturer products into a single user experience. Why? Because one app should control all the devices in your building. unifi™ delivers intelligence in the cloud and makes controls simple. From rapid updates that are no longer constrained by hardware and IT costs, to offering much improved security and ease of use.

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Cloud First

All intelligence comes from the cloud, which reduces upfront cost and complexity.


Intuitive User Interface

We’ve taken out the complexity and made having controls an enjoyable experience.


Simple Hardware Solutions

Choose from our many manufacturer partners or retrofit your existing equipment


Protocol Agnostic

An open ecosystem for all connected devices

Hardware Solutions

unifi™ passport

An essential component for connecting everyday wireless-enabled devices to the internet so they can be controlled and monitored.

unifi™ relay

Provides economic unifi™ enabled wireless technology to traditional hardware and eliminates control switch wiring making it the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction.



Partnerships that save you money and energy

EnOcean Alliance

Unifi™ is truly protocol agnostic. We've partnered with the EnOcean alliance to offer our customers a full range of sensors, switches, and meter options.

CABA Technologies

CABA technologies is on the forefront of wireless smart LED technologies. Their product line continues to innovate and provide smart-enabled wireless fixtures for commercial applications.


Get Started

Our sales team can help simplify your controls and help you get set up with the right solutions.

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