Management Tools

Administration tools that help you manage your network, assign users, and see how much your saving.

View and manage your energy savings

Explore any combination of energy savings, get answers quickly. From any device, anywhere, faster than ever before.


Manage users and permissions

Want your employees to control your lights without having access to other locations. No problem, they can each have their own account and only control locations you give them access to.


Quick Commissioning tools

Quickly commission areas by simply turning on the lights and clicking go. Our commissioning interface makes it easy and intuitive to find existing fixtures and areas to add to new areas.


See the status of your network in seconds

Don't be in the dark. Quickly find out the status of your network and set up notifications if devices or gateways stop working.


Get Started

Our sales team can help simplify your controls and help you get set up with the right solutions.

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