Simple Hardware Solutions

Controls for all your lights and sensors

Whether you want to retrofit lights with an inexpensive module or invest in lights with embedded wireless capabilities, unifi™ connects them all. Take a look at our hardware solutions and partnered manufacturers to see how we can connect all your devices into one experience.


The unifi™ passport connects everyday wireless-enabled devices to the unifi™ cloud for enhanced control, monitoring, and analytics.

Passports can be configured to speak multiple wireless personal area network (WPAN) protocols, including the ZigBee and JenNet-IP networks.

Communications to the cloud employ 256-bit TLS (a.k.a. SSL) encryption. Passports also implement the maximum encryption defined in each of the available WPAN protocols.



Our wireless lighting control module enables wireless control of on/off and dim functions for standard incandescent, LED, and Halogen lamps.

It provides an economic unifi™ enabled wireless technology that eliminates control switch wiring making it the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction.



Why be keyholed into one manufacturer? unifi™ is a device and protocol agnostic platform that allows for a plug and play environment. Use all of your favorite fixtures, sensors, and switches side by side.



Pair wall switches to your control network. With the use of wireless energy harvesting switches from partners within the EnOcean Alliance you can have the intelligence of controls in a traditional form factor that you can put anywhere.



Want to save energy in classrooms, open office spaces and corridors? Add wireless sensors to the smart mix. With Unifi you can add wireless smart sensors and define their actions to create a custom energy savings plan for any room.


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