Put the controls in the palm of your hands.

We designed "Control" to be a beautiful, intuitive, and secure way to control all devices from any web connected device. Control the dim level of specific fixtures or areas, create scenes with timers, and adjust and monitor temperature from connected thermostats.

Multi-site Control

Controls for all your locations, centralized into one interface. Atlas ties directly to your locations and let's you switch seamlessly.


Group lights into fixtures and areas

Unifi treats every device as an object. This means that you can group devices into multiple fixtures, areas, or scenes. The possiblilites are endless.


Quickly name fixtures, areas, and scenes and give them custom icons

Customize your groups, fixtures, and scenes on the fly with titles and intuitive icons. Don't see an icon you need? Contact support and we'll create one for you.


Identify fixtures and areas by strobing the lights

Don't remember which lights are associated with which fixture or area? Look at the list and strobe the entire area to ID them visually.


Schedule scenes for areas or even down to the fixture.

Add multiple custom timers for scenes, each with an individual time of day and days of the week.


Get Started

Our sales team can help simplify your controls and help you get set up with the right solutions.

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