nimbus 9 offers unifi™ our cloud control platform and atlas our control application packaged as a service. Between unifi™ and atlas, we are able to deliver a control solution that is simple enough for any end user and robust enough for the enterprise.

Product Differentiation

Controls as a service at little added cost to the product.

Add Instant Value

Take the cost & complexity out delivering a wireless solution to your new & existing products.

Controls as a Service

Deliver enterprise grade controls for little upfront cost to your end users.

Upgrade Free

Always current, end users never have to worry about upgrades or additional fees.


Easy Integration

Free License

nimbus offers the unifi™ solution at no cost to manufacturers.

Powered by unifi™

3 options for connecting your hardware to the platform

unifi™ Relay (0-10v or Triac)
Partner Wireless Drivers
Embedded Wireless (assistance available)



Access new markets

Add your product lines to the wireless controls community and offer your clients integration with other smart enabled devices.

Be a part of comprehensive smart building projects

Bring in new business by making your products available to specifiers and users looking to add controls to comprehensive building projects.

Have your products linked to a creative developer community

Connect to a network of developers creating new ways of connecting smart-enabled devices.


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