Tune your atmosphere, use less energy, and instantly save money all from the palm of your hand.

Bring smart home convenience to enterprise level functionality.

Comprehensive Control Strategies

Advanced Timers

Lights are turned on, off and dimmed based on configurable timers. These timers can be set times or based on astronomical events e.g. Sunrise, Sunset.

Custom fixture groups

Create custom groups for your fixtures. Parking lots, dining rooms, and kitchen fixtures can be grouped to be controlled by Areas and Scenes.


Be alerted of irregularities in device behavior (i.e. a device falling off the network or a specific fixture burning out).

Rules Engine

Set schedule, sensor, and switch rules that intelligently collaborate with each other to optimize savings and aesthetics.


Optimize your energy distribution

Save Money

With Unifi any property owner can capture the significant energy savings achievable through the optimal usage of their lighting assets. Whether installed throughout a multi-site property portfolio or within a 1000 square foot retail shop, Unifi is the only Controls solution capable of scaling up or down to serve each property owners unique Controls requirements.

Reduce your hotel's carbon footprint

Beyond the cost savings, unifi also delivers meaningful environmental benefits.


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