Advanced timers and multi-spectrum LEDs deliver optimized grow conditions. Save money on energy and eliminate rotation cycles.

The future of commercial grow operations is here. Optimize yield while eliminating costs.

Multi-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Solid State Sun

Let our technology do all the heavy lifting. Save money, space and time by combining veg and bloom rooms. Our patented grow technology combines a unique multi-spectrum approach to adjusting peak intensity, providing a perfect adjustable PPFD and DLI for your crops. Eliminate timers, relays and high power wiring with fully integrated cloud based controls.

Product Specifications
  • >1000 Micro-mole average over standard 4x4 grid
  • >75,000 Lumens
  • Tunable full spectrum with strong Blue and Red peaks
  • Natural light, easy to work under with great color rendering
  • Passive cooling with active options
  • 545 max watts at 120VAC
  • Universal input from 90-305VAC
  • Upgradable, interchangeable accessory board adds spectral peaks at specific intervals
  • Circadian rhythm/Sunrise/Sunset/Lunar Cycles
  • Grow light recipies
  • Accessory capability for UV Stress and Far Red Kicker
  • Fully dimmable to output exact DLI
  • Lower HVAC Costs
  • No need to Re-lamp
  • Reduce overall energy consumption

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