Advanced controls are no longer for the exclusive benefit of a small portion of building owners. Now any property owner can leverage unifi's control capabilities to optimize their lighting assets and realize lower utility bills.

Better illumination on desks and in conference rooms, which takes stress off the eyes and the mind. Save money from significant decreases in electricity consumption all while creating a customizable environment

Comprehensive Control Strategies


Control an office space, campus, or property portfolio from one centralized interface.

Intuitive User Interface

Complexity made simple. A facilities manager can commission and build out control strategies while tenants can control their personal work environment.

This combination of energy efficient fixtures coupled with advanced control strategies means that commercial office spaces always have the appropriate level of artificial light based on actual need and environmental conditions.


Optimize your energy distribution

Save Money

With Unifi any property owner can capture the significant energy savings achievable through the optimal usage of their lighting assets. Whether installed throughout a multi-site property portfolio or within a 1000 square foot retail shop, Unifi is the only Controls solution capable of scaling up or down to serve each property owners unique Controls requirements.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Beyond the cost savings, unifi also delivers meaningful environmental benefits.


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